Cold Water

I hate cold water. Once upon a time I could mince words about it but now things are much more stark. When the shower goes cold, because someone else starts theirs, as the temperature drops suddenly icy, I sequel, squirm and mumble profanity. When icy water falls from the sky, obscene amounts of clothing andContinue reading “Cold Water”

Fafner’s Gold

Many seek the rewards, fewer are willing to face the beast, and fewer still are prepared to face the curse that accompanies the hoard they pretend to desire. My workout music is a little intense, but here is Fafner’s Gold… ( Be hard or your ears might bleed… Fafner’s legend is a tale of greed,Continue reading “Fafner’s Gold”

I Can’t Even Cut The Cheese Today…

What happens when you have a bad day? I woke up feeling nauseous and sore. Since it’s that wonderful balmy time of year, flu season, I groaned. There have been couple of really good days this week, so the turn of today is a little bit irritating. There were things on the list that IContinue reading “I Can’t Even Cut The Cheese Today…”

The Guardsman

The Guardsman is now a free read with Kindle Unlimited! This has been a long time coming, but I’m finally republishing these books. The interiors are cleaned up, with another editing pass & they are rebuilt to optimize for online reading. The Guardsman is a story about the distant future, a little bit of intrigue,Continue reading “The Guardsman”

A New Day

Good morning, It is a new day for Douglas Franklin. We are starting this blog to combine and collate thoughts on various projects relating to my literary addiction. The plan is to post about once a week. That will probably be insufficient; I consistently tell people that we need to ‘aim for the moon, becauseContinue reading “A New Day”