Internet Interlude

Internet Interlude:

The story ‘Internet Interlude‘ is about online dating gone so horribly wrong that it turns out perfect!

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Internet Interlude

This was written tongue-in-cheek and inspired by a conversation with a fellow writer & editor.  We were collectively rolling our eyes at results from various dating sites and arguing about the pros & cons of the whole thing.

She was hopelessly addicted to Tinder, and finding nothing but weirdos and pick-up artists.  Because we were arguing about it so much it was one of those things that stuck in my head.

It stuck especially because she was complaining that she WANTED to be taken so she could find a real man.

Internet Interlude is about a pick-up artist who finds the perfect woman submissive for him.  But she’s the one who makes it stick!

We wrote this story under the A.U. Link pen name and published it with Boruma Publishing way back on January 14, 2016.

Internet Interlude Summary:

Basically, the cliff notes plot is that she throws herself into the short-term relationship, and grabs for something more.  His arrogant nature could not resist the offer, and she grabbed ahold of the opportunity he presented.

Internet Interlude Book Blurb:

An arrogant cad and self-proclaimed eternal bachelor meets his match. He cuts his swath through dating sites, the bar scene, and at work flirting, playing, and repeating. He has always been careful, avoiding temptation and entanglement. On the tail end of a business trip, he lets his guard down. Then she walks through his doorway. He does not know that the hunter is about to become the hunted.

What It’s Like:

Think of Internet Interlude as a quick break from the frenetic online dating scene for an actual in-person meet-up for a weekend.

Yeah, yeah, I know that whole thing ‘online dating success’ thing is a myth like unicorns, leprechauns, and smart-blonds.  But suspend your disbelief and give Internet Interlude a try.

It is written for fun, specifically targeted to the Editor who was struggling with her online dating exploits.


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