Contributor – Catherine Arbelaez

Catherine Arbelaez – Contributor

Catherine Arbelaez is a Colombian lawyer, who immigrated to the United States with her daughter.  Catherine ran a successful law firm in Bogota Colombia for six years and helped hundreds of defendants and plaintiffs while navigating the Colombian judicial system.

Catherine comes from a large happy family, is fond of long and large family gatherings.  She enjoys long conversations with family on days when she is not in a US-certified Paralegal class studying to reenter the law in the United States.  Catherine has held several US jobs before her Paralegal classes started.

Those jobs helped Catherine master English in the three years she has been a legal resident of the United States.  She has recently stepped away from outside employment in an effort to stabilize her schedule to better prepare for her Paralegal studies & exams.

Catherine has one daughter, Maria, and is married to Doug.

Catherine Arbelaez Wants My Olive Garden Margarita
Catherine Arbelaez Wants My Olive Garden Margarita
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