The Travel Agent

The Travel Agent

I wrote The Travel Agent while working on the Guardsman Series Book 1 in late 2010.  I was stuck on something, I can’t remember what was holding me up with Guardsman 1.

Travel Agent Cover
Travel Agent Cover

When I wrote this book in 2010, under the R.G Taark pen name, I was watching a lot of the USA series ‘Burn Notice‘.  That series is one of my all-time favorite pieces of brain candy!  I saw something on the news and those two wires, ‘Burn Notice‘ and the news story, crossed some wires for me and out popped this fun Spy story!

This short story is set in Syria.  So, it was really unsettling to watch that civil war kick off in all of its horrors.  And then I got to sit here knowing that I had already written this story before those events subsumed anything I could have written.


What happens when citizens are trapped overseas in a nation that turned hostile? Why the change? How did they get there and how did they get out?

(a short story)

(The Travel Agent: +12,700 words)

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