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Please feel free to use this contact page at your leisure! 🙂



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What To Expect:

Right now the focus of the contact page is on new release information.  I’m pretty focused on new content and building out the rest of what is needed for these books to be a success.  For right now there are no plans for fancy groups, clubs, or dietary concerns of any kind.

At the time of writing this, I’ve just lost my business of six and a half years, and am dealing with a lot of chaos from that.  There are large bills to pay, but for now, most of the bleeding has stopped and things are holding together.

Keeping that expectation for contact in mind, the plan right now is to send out book launch information and possibly a newsletter.

News Letter:

When I get my head screwed on right, we will probably put together a light newsletter.  My thoughts are to put something out bi-monthly eventually.  We are far from the execution phase on that though.

The newsletter will come through this email system and hopefully, it will be interesting and useful, as we follow this adventure.



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