Kaylee’s Fun At Work

Kaylee’s Fun At Work:

‘Kaylee’s Fun At Work’ covers a chance meeting at her place of business.  While young mama Kaylee is a good woman, a good mama, she struggles with confidence and standing up for herself.

yeah for book release day
Yeah for book release day

Of course, since her job involves taking her clothes off and collecting dollar bills, her chances for fun at work are a lot higher than most!

Sick of her useless live-in boyfriend dragging her down with emotional hooks, Kaylee has fun for herself.

This book was my first foray into a 100% female perspective.  It was a challenge and took a good deal of comments back and forth before we nailed Kaylee and her psych issues.  The big trouble was keeping exposition out of the story and illustrating her proclivities with dialogue and monologue only.

Kaylee was a huge writing victory, a lot of fun to write, and a fast-paced hot one!

We wrote this story under the A.U. Link pen name.  Unfortunately, it has resided in hard driver purgatory for almost six years.  It was effectively finished May 2017, but started work in early 2016 as an outline.  It has yet to be published.

Please look for it shortly.

Kaylee’s Fun At Work Summary:

Kaylee breaks her work rules.

As a stripper in Sin City, she needs her rules, just to stay sane.  She has kids at home that she is working for without a real education.

Trading on her beauty while it lasts, she is rushing to get what she can while she can.  But her own drives as a young woman, constantly exposed to sex, make that a little difficult.

Kaylee’s Fun At Work Blurb:

[Unpublished – nothing to share here 🙁 ]

What It’s Like:

Kaylee is a little bit weird.

Working as a Vegas stripper, she keeps her heart of gold hidden behind thick layers of a bifurcated mind.  Where she hides from her work while acting like the bad-bitch that she really is not, and could never really find in her personal life.

The story is sort of a tragedy for a woman who just found herself in shitty relationships, but wants something better and different.  All while struggling with her own needs and drives, while fighting with herself and everyone else in her life.

Kaylee was an exercise in writing from the female perspective while describing, but not stating her psychological demons.

This is one of those books that popped into my head as a series of goals and would not leave me alone until I outlined the story.  Then it took quite a while to finally flesh it out, and obviously longer to get around to publishing it.

When things like this pop into my head, I need to follow David Allen‘s advice from Getting Things Done, and just finish the rounds by getting it onto the page.

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