The Exorcist’s Assistant

The Exorcist’s Assistant

The Exorcist’s Assistant was my first foray into the Horror genre.  This was fun to write before Halloween.  But I discovered that paranormal horror/thrillers are not really what I enjoy writing.

The Exorcists Assistant Cover
The Exorcists Assistant Cover

I wrote this short story in 2012, under the R.G Taark pen name.  It was Halloween and horror stories are mandatory at least once.

This story is basically about a young, first-time assistant who goes full circle trying to save a young child.  Then as the wheel of time turns, the same cast of characters encounter each other again with traumatic results for all.


Improving the world, by forcing back one demonic possession at a time . . .
(a short story)
(The Exorcist’s Assistant: 11,600+ words)


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