Razormouth: Book 1: Acid Breath

Razormouth: Book 1: Acid Breath

Razormouth the Dragon plagues the land and this story introduces a Beowulf-style character named Adalbern.  The Razormouth story is an epic fantasy, involving swords, shields, boats, dragons, Gods, and destiny.

Razormouth WIP Hardcopy Cover
Razormouth WIP Hardcopy Cover

I have been writing this for a long time!  I think the first draft outline started way back in wrote this book in October of 2012, under the R.G Taark pen name.  Razormouth is as yet unpublished in August 2023, but there is a lot written, about three books worth!

The Gods Have A Sense of Humor:

While the Gods have an ironic sense of humor.  Mortal lives make up the tapestry of destiny.  And when that tapestry of destiny needs alteration it is not amusing to we puny mortals.

The Crux of Razormouth:

The Razormouth project is stylistically different than a lot of other work I have published prior.  The whole story is told from a single perspective, unlike prior works of mine, and more like Tolken’s Lord of the Rings books.  (I’ve had that book set since March 2002, and read it three times.  Plus I got the audible version, just because.)  Stylistically this is to give a more personally vested connection while avoiding the bouncing perspective of TV shows or manic action movies.  That is a super challenging writing style because there is little to no opportunity to bounce around perspectives to give alternate points of view.  Everything must be shared in dialogue or activity.

The Razormouth project is a lot of fun, but extremely large.  They are after all being used to change the flow of destiny.


[WIP]  I have not really written a full summary yet, but you can see the artist’s prompt on the back flap of the WIP cover art 🙂



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Razormouth WIP eBook Cover
Razormouth WIP eBook Cover



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