Symbiote: Book 1: Caliphate Rising

 Symbiote: Book 1: Caliphate Rising

Symbiote was the first book concept I developed.  The origin was a conversation with one of my overly intelligent soldiers from the Army.  He was a sergeant tank gunner in Korea with two doctorate degrees who wanted to see the world.  It was a wild rambling conversation, and the next day I started outlining Symbiote’s basics.


When I wrote this book in 2010, under the R.G Taark pen name.  It was during the start of a very traumatic and life-altering divorce.  If you want to know what has happened, break open your legal dictionary.  Read the descriptions for ‘Severe Parental Alienation’.  Then drag that shit far forward through a miserable decade+.

Symbiote was difficult to write to start with given all the shit going on in the ‘real life’.  By the time I got into the fighting and action, I realized that given personal experiences with trigger pulling, writing fiction in the modern military genre was going to be difficult.

Please consider this series on pause.  There is more to tell here, but it is emotionally difficult.  So we will tell other stories first.


The War on Terror has ended, with both sides claiming victory.  Nations of Islam claim victory because they have repelled the Crusaders. The United States and its allies claim victory because they have destroyed or captured all the figureheads involved in the September 11th attacks. America’s army is tired after a generation of war and neither side is willing to reopen hostilities over semantics.

American scientists and politicians have finally created a massive infrastructure project that breaks North America free of foreign energy sources. They have mated fusion power plants that split water molecules for their hydrogen.  Creating heat that is used for energy, and breathable oxygen, and Helium as harmless byproducts. The fusion power grid uses a massive orbital solar collection grid to jump-start the reactors with a slurry of powerful light particles. Like all new science, it is not fully understood before it is unleashed upon the world. . .

The tertiary effects of the cliff-like drop-off of demand shatter the existing nation-states that depend on oil revenues to maintain their vice-grips on power. The particularly fragile Islamic nation states, after decades of war with the West, even the ones that had once stood as ally and enemy alike, are plunged into political and economic chaos as their oppressive regimes are tossed off one by one in free elections.

What emerges are the Eastern and Western Islamic Caliphates; enigmatic political entities based on fierce adherence to religious doctrine and something else. The Caliphate is led by a new warrior and leadership caste, who they believe are literally touched by the hand of God. With the hand of God on their side, nothing can stop them from fulfilling the orders of their blessed Prophet Mohammed, to bring the world under the guidance of their faith . . .


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