Exhibition on Display

Exhibition on Display:

Exhibition on Display‘ is a fun first-person perspective story about what could have happened!

It is obscene and pushes a lot of boundaries, based on old soldier stories about their Korea tours!

AU LINK - Exhibition on Display
Exhibition on Display

The style this story is written in is that of buddies swapping stories, narrating exploits to friends, over tall, heavy-handed Whiskey pours.

I won’t guarantee that it will make you blush, but you’ll probably raise an eyebrow and smile at the minimum! 😉

We wrote this story under the A.U. Link pen name and published it with Boruma Publishing way back on  February 24, 2016

Exhibition on Display Summary:

Exhibition on Display is about a drunk soldier getting ready to leave Korea, and returning to the United States after his year-long tour.

This is a combination of a bunch of wild rumors and stories told over the year of my own tour in Korea.  Plus a bunch of insane visits to bars frequented by soldiers, and staffed by Korean, Filipina, and Russian women.

In the last few hours of your tour, you are pretty much cut loose.  There should be adult supervision and most sane people slept before their twenty-hour trip back to the United States from Korea.

This story was a wild ride through what-ifs, and the crazy military culture from decades past.

2LT Doug Franklin - Korea - 2000-2001
2LT Doug Franklin – Korea – 2000-2001

Please give this one a read.  And if you think this story is crazy, you ain’t possibly dreamed of the wild stuff that soldiers from decades before shared as lived experiences!

Exhibition on Display Book Blurb:

A wild tale of exhibition, illicit activities, and a chance encounter.

What It’s Like:

Exhibition on Display is written to sound like and read like a drunken escapade.

Not with the slurring and stumbling, but like recounting a story to buddies in a dark room over scotch.  All while trying to outdo each other’s exploits.



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