Claiming the Sexy Immortal

Claiming the Sexy Immortal:

Claiming the Sexy Immortal is an adult story.  This story was published under A.U. Link through Boruma Publishing published September 24, 2016.  Sexy Immortal clocks in at a fast and reasonable 86-page read.  The style is a narrative journal, which is a little outside my normal preferred style of telling the story with dialogue.  Regardless, Immortal was fun to write and read.

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AU LINK – Claiming the Sexy Immortal

Claiming the Sexy Immortal Summary:

Bored to tears in a dead-end job, under a stagnated & miserable middle manager, our overly clever protagonist mouths off to his supervisor one too many times.  Our manager decides to get rid of us once and for all and sends our friend to a shitty part of town, where the gangs hunt suits from the city.

And by the way, immortals who thrive on the blood of humans have seized control of society.

That’s just a modest, parasitic, and vampiric point there!

So there’s that too.

The Sexy Immortal Book Blurb:

Aeliana was profoundly frustrated. She passed two millennia acquiring wealth and power. Time passed so unremarkable, until him! The mortal who vexed her just would not leave her alone; he even invaded her private thoughts! How could she escape him when she refused to forget?  Could she allow his insults to go unpunished? How did he manage to twist her with such casual ease? She needed answers!

What It’s Like:

This story was a Halloween release because of the whole vampire theme.  Normally, we don’t chase holiday projects, but this one started a little differently.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

I think one main inspiration was watching Underworld with Kate Beckinsale a few times that summer.  So, easy to find inspiration there!

Again, normally, I do not typically write holiday projects, nor do I do many horror or monster version stories.  This one was just a nice story about some dude who gets way luckier than anyone has a right to be.

Well, after the whole, his supervisor trying to get him killed in a violent immortal power play thing, that is.

So, yeah, this story was fun and is a more techno / futuristic version of Underworld.  Still, it was fun to write, and the read is enjoyable even for me, who knows how it ends.

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