Contributor – Steve Hidook

Steve Hidook: The Graphic Handyman:

Steve considers himself a graphic handyman. He uses his talents to make cool and beautiful things people can enjoy for years to come.

Steve Hidook SOLO Star Wars Story HISHE
Steve Hidook SOLO Star Wars Story HISHE

Steve’s Experience:

Steve Hidook Drago The Cowardly Dragon-final
Steve Hidook Drago The Cowardly Dragon-final

Steve has worked as a freelance artist for clients in multiple industries.  His experience includes publishing, to architecture, to lighting, to picture framing and real estate.  Steve has even worked on a Biblical kid’s ministry series for Youtube!

Steve has also done both advertising and sports promotions.  Some of which include auto wraps and facility graphics.  His new hobby is the creation of a personal puzzle line on Amazon.

Steve Hidook's Tiger Puzzle
Steve Hidook’s Tiger Puzzle

Steve believes that working on such a variety of projects has dramatically enhanced his artistic abilities.  These wonderful experiences make it possible to meet virtually any graphic need that presents themself.

Steve is such a believer in learning and experiencing new things that he rarely turns away work.  Steve pursues the challenges that new projects offer.

Steve’s Education:

Steve graduated from The Atlanta College of Art in 1999, now SCAD in Atlanta.  Most of Steve’s skills were honed further with his extensive experiences.

Samples of Steve’s Work:

To see a sampling of Steve’s work, please click on the links below:

Steve Hidook's Amazon Tiger Puzzle Kit
Steve Hidook’s Amazon Tiger Puzzle Kit


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