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Welcome to Doug Franklin Books

This page is the central hub for books and creative projects created by Doug Franklin and a few other specialized pen names.

Why Pen Names?

Doug Franklin
Doug Franklin

I don’t know.  People get grumpy when I write in multiple genera.  It is best to segregate the work for clarity on Amazon and other publishers.

Who Is This Doug Dude Scribbling At Me?

Doug Franklin is husband, father, US Army Combat Infantryman, serial entrepreneur, BJJ practitioner, roof walker & new installer trainer, social media Luddite, marketing, SEO & AdWords expert, math nerd with LSSBB & PMP certifications, and occasional book scribblier.

What’s Going On?

You can check out what is going on with the Blog Posts.  The plan is to use posts to update things like new books, events, and releases

Doug Franklin Books


Anatomy Coloring Book: The Skeleton


Decade in Daylight


Learning Spanish Series


Spanish 777 Common Phrases


Spanish Food & Restaurants


Spanish Fun Pickup Lines


Spanish Getting Around Town


Training Journal for BJJ



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