A.U. Link Books

A.U. Link Books:

A.U. Link books are typically adult in nature, including the adult content.  So, if you’re a kid go away.  And find some other page on this site to look at, please.

Maybe start HERE at the beginning…

Notes About A.U. Link Books:

The Name A.U. Link:

It’s a pun.

If you find it punny, we can be friends 😉

The Priority:

Adjusting and updating these works, and eventually republishing is one of the lowest priorities.  Eventually, they will get new covers and maybe new names.  But for now, as of Sept 2023, the main priorities are:

  1. Site Completion,
  2. Related Blog Entries,
  3. Republication of Fiction,
  4. Completion of Doug F. Book Publication,
  5. Creation of New Fiction Content.

The A.U. Link stories are typically quick writes, fun to craft, and stories that I need to get out of my head because they are distracting from the main story project that I am writing.

writers new story story story to get published
Writers, the new story, the story, & the story everyone wants published

Getting Things Done applied to A.U. Link stories:

Getting Things Done, by David Allen is not only one of my favorite self-improvement/self-help books of all time, but it is my excuse for these ‘new stories’ (see above writing meme 😉 ) taking up such a chunk of the overall catalog.

The A.U. Link stories are not bad.  As David Allen describes, the story ideas rattling around in your head while writing are ‘Open Loops’.

Think of your brain as a bowl of spaghetti noodles.  The pasta is all those stray thoughts: ‘book idea’, ‘I need to pee’, ‘oh, wait, call ma!’, ‘buy kid #3’s birthday present’ ‘pay bills’ ‘let’s go out to dinner tonight need to call…’.  All those thoughts float around twisty and in the way of your creativity.  Somewhere at the bottom of your bowl is that all-important meatball that you REALLY want, that ‘book idea’.

Now, by using the ‘Getting Things Done‘ techniques what you need to do is quickly remove those stray thoughts.  Make lists of the larger projects, that will allow your brain to account for those and get them out of your thought scroll.  The quick things like ‘need to pee’ that will take less than five minutes just do them and stop thinking about those distractions for good.  Because it will take you longer to write it down than to just do it.

Getting Things Done on Audible For Me

I have listened to Getting Things Done on Audible four or five times now.  Every time my brain gets cluttered, I cue it up.  I get back into the techniques, clean up my brain, and unleash my creativity again.  It is just fantastic.  I just need to keep the discipline of doing it all the time.

A.U. Link Story Characteristics:

Typically, A.U. Link books are middle-length novellas in the middle five-figure word length.  They are usually made to be fun, with a texture that pushes boundaries of propriety.

Using the ‘write things down’ steps from ‘Getting Things Done’ I will outline the book to clear my brain.  Sometimes the stories flesh out into something fun and interesting enough that they become Link stories.

There is usually some plot device or perspective that I am trying to develop.

  • I think it was ‘Ice Queen‘ that I first started writing with a heavy lean towards exploring the Female-Superpowers in a young woman who already had shitty impulse control.  (You can guess how that one goes off the rails and gets fun fast!)
  • Then ‘Exhibition‘ had a good chunk of personal experience, with gross alterations, but written from a first-person perspective for the whole story.
  • While ‘Internet Interlude‘ was the first time I wrote about reversed power games.  (This came from a conversation that got out of hand, I wrote it, shared it with her and she demanded I publish it.)
    AU Link - A Cup Of Sugar - Luna Model
    AU Link – A Cup Of Sugar – Luna Model

A Cup Of Sugar:

“She’s had her eyes on him. It’s time he found that out.”

The neighbor girl has a crush on her best friend’s dad.  She also sees her friend’s mother acting strangely, and begins to suspect that her friend is being duped by both her mother and boyfriend!

This story is a little different.  It is not your typical seduction tale, nor is it one of the ugly & humiliating cuckold stories that are so prominent anymore.

A Cup of Sugar” begins with the old cheating joke about visiting ‘for a cup of sugar’, and progresses through a classical ancient Roman-style comedy story arch ending.  To clarify the Roman comedy idea, while Rome indulged in brutal blood sports to harden their populace to the sights of war, their comedies were typically about misunderstandings where no one was hurt or degraded in any way at the end

All Hallows – A Halloween Story Contest

All Hallows is an adult Halloween novella contest entry for a cool $500!

The story starts with a failure to follow invitation directions.  You will make a sharp turn into a collision with a Druid and Succubus.   Then detours around that first issue, straight into some Goblins and a Wizard.  And then summons a screaming demon out of hell.

All Hallows has been a lot of fun to write!

I have not decided if I want to publish that one for real or not.  But we’ll see where it goes!

Claiming the Sexy Immortal:

Beautiful slenderness young woman in bridal veil on pink background. Low key studio shot. Great for calendar.
AU LINK – Claiming the Sexy Immortal

Bored to tears in a dead-end job, under a stagnated & miserable middle manager, our overly clever protagonist mouths off to his supervisor one too many times.  Our manager decides to get rid of us once and for all and sends our friend to a shitty part of town, where the gangs hunt suits from the city.

And by the way, immortals who thrive on the blood of humans have seized control of society.

So there’s that too.

Exhibition on Display:

Exhibition on Display‘ is a fun first-person perspective story about what could have happened!

It is obscene and pushes a lot of boundaries!

I won’t guarantee that it will make you blush, but you’ll probably raise an eyebrow and smile at the minimum! 😉

Internet Interlude:

Internet Interlude‘ is about online dating gone so horribly wrong that it turns out perfect!

This was written tongue-in-cheek and inspired by a conversation with a fellow writer.  We were collectively rolling our eyes at results from various dating sites and arguing about the pros & cons of the whole thing.

The story is about a pick-up artist who finds the perfect woman for him.  But she’s the one who makes it stick!

Kaylee’s Fun At Work:

‘Kaylee’s Fun At Work’ covers a chance meeting at her place of business.  While young mama Kaylee is a good woman, a good mama, she struggles with confidence and standing up for herself.

Of course, since her job involves taking her clothes off and collecting dollar bills, her chances for fun at work are a lot higher than most!

Sick of her useless live-in boyfriend dragging her down with emotional hooks, Kaylee has fun for herself.

This book was my first foray into a 100% female perspective.  It was a challenge and took a good deal of comments back and forth before we nailed Kaylee and her psych issues.  The big trouble was keeping exposition out of the story and illustrating her proclivities with dialogue and monologue only.

Kaylee was a huge writing victory, a lot of fun to write, and a fast-paced hot one!

Taming the Ice Queen:

Taming the Ice Queen, using the A.U. Link pen name, was a lot of fun to write!  Ice Queen is a true Fire & Ice story!

This story starts out by exploring a version of our world where random individuals & families suddenly obtain elementally based superpowers.  Chaos ensues obviously, because, well, why not! 😉

AU Link - Taming The Ice Queen
AU Link – Taming The Ice Queen

Our Ice Queen, Rose, is a convicted felon, who paroles herself!

She just doesn’t feel like staying locked up anymore, and there is really no one out there who can stop her.  The prison system can’t afford to pay the going rate for super-powered guards.  And nobody really wants to get in her way and become a meat-popsicle for arguing with her.

Rose sets her eyes on her prize and quickly discovers that the FBI showing up at his door and, for some reason is not knocking looking for her…

Again, things spiral out of control from there in as much fun as you can have in a world where super-powered young women with shitty impulse control have their run of the town.

Ice Queen is probably my absolute favorite A.U. Link story.  It was fun to write and flowed easily, as I let my characters run amuck.

Threesome on Order:

He is slated for a business trip, and the mayhem starts when his wife at home tells him to ‘go have fun and then tell me about it when you get back’.

Threesome on Order was a real challenge to write.

Typically, up until this time, I did not write multiple partner stories.  Done in real life, well, maybe, not tellin’…  But stories are much harder because there are literally more moving parts going on at the same time.  A scene with one partner might require ‘X’ pages for a scene in the book’s chronological time to last ‘Y’ time.  But a scene with multiple partners when you read looking for that same ‘Y’ time seems to need ‘3X’ as many pages.



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