A Cup Of Sugar

A Cup Of Sugar:

In A Cup Of Sugar: “She’s had her eyes on him. It’s time he found that out.”

The neighbor girl has a crush on her best friend’s dad.  Luna sees her friend’s mother acting strangely.  And then Luna begins to suspect that her friend is being duped by both her mother and boyfriend!

AU Link - A Cup Of Sugar - Luna Model
AU Link – A Cup Of Sugar – Luna Model

This story is a little different.  It is not your typical seduction tale, nor is it one of the ugly & humiliating cuckold stories that are so prominent anymore.

Celia’s Model:

This pretty young lady posted her picture on Twitter of all places.  A few months ago her smile caught me and this story started formulating in my mind.

Again, the getting things out of your head by writing them down from David Allen visited, and I outlined the story, and within a few 4000+ words-per-day days, the rough draft was done.

Roman Comedy:

“A Cup of Sugar” begins with the old cheating joke about visiting ‘for a cup of sugar’, and progresses through a classical ancient Roman-style comedy story arch ending.

Because it is a little esoteric I need to clarify the Roman comedy idea.  So, we know Rome indulged in brutal blood sports to harden their populace to the sights of blood & war.  On the other hand, their comedies were typically about misunderstandings where no one was left hurt or degraded in any way at the end of the comedy.

A Cup Of Sugar Publication:

The goal of ‘A Cup Of Sugar’ was to write an affair story without the hurt and humiliation so commonly spewed about the internet.  This was a fun project that allowed exploration of that goal.

This story was written under A.U. Link and published online first.  I’m not sure if we will commit to full cover art and publication as a book.

Right now, as of 7 September 2023, the release is working through online story forums.

They can be found here:

SoL – A Cup of Sugar – by A.U. Link

and here,

Literotica – A Cup of Sugar – by A.U. Link

There are tentative plans to add PDF versions to this site, and possibly publish a hard copy.  But the list of stuff that needs doing right now is literally, single-spaced, double-column, worth of check blocks on multiple legal note pages.

So, working my way there…

A Cup Of Sugar Summary:

Alex is living a pretty normal life.  He is an active guy, staying healthy, and working hard at his own sales business. While living humbly things are doing well financially.  His relationships are a little more rocky.  Alex suffers from a wife who is losing interest and is distracted.  His stepdaughter Luna is developing a hostile attitude that makes life in his own house frustrating.  The girl is spewing unfiltered crap, regurgitated from her mother.  Frustrated, Alex just works harder and ignores the issues cropping up in his life.

Lucile Ann is watching her best friend carefully.  Because she has crushed on Luna’s dad since she met him years before.  Now as she watches her best friend drift away after some boyfriend who ignores her friend, Luna starts to detect some oddities in the relationship.  And then, Luna also notices that Luna’s mother Ramona is behaving oddly around Luna’s boyfriend.  Sensing weakness there, Celia decides that it is time to try her luck by making a move on her dream man.

A Cup Of Sugar Book Blurb:

She’s had her eyes on him. It’s time he found that out

What It’s Like Inside – Excerpt:

There was no salesperson outside my humble home.

Big, mysterious, beautifully brown, to the point of black, eyes stared up at me instantly snapping my frustration at my stopped workflow. Her coal black hair and light tan Hispanic skin glowed healthy and full in the scorching hot, Houston Texas, afternoon sun.

Those eyes bored into me, her slender arms clasped behind her back, pulling her tee shirt taught over her perky little bra-less chest and tits. The little tease knew exactly what she was doing to me as a grown-ass man!

As always my eye lingered a hair too long on her tits.

Her coy little smile was suppressed but creeping up the edges of her mouth ever so slightly.

Lucile chirped, “Hi mister Alex.”

Her cute, well-proportioned, and sweetly rounded little face just stared at me so I could hear her goading thoughts about catching me staring again.

I sighed, miming disappointment I never felt around Celia, and barked, “What do ya want, Freshman.”

Her face cocked to the side, eyes crossed and tongue poked out disrespectfully. She might have used that behind the back of any teacher she did not like her whole life, but from her, between us, to my face, it was nothing but playful. She reminded me, “College! College freshman,” then she quipped, “Old man!”

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