All Hallows & The Road To The Wizard’s Tower (Update)

Update For All Hallows & The Road To The Wizard’s Tower

all hallows - wizard's tower
All Hallows – Wizard’s Tower

All Hallows Update: The most recent update for the Halloween-based story, the SoL Halloween story contest submission, All Hallows is that the story is growing into “All Hallows & The Road To The Wizard’s Tower”.

Stories Online Writing Contest: is still hosting its twelfth annual Halloween story contest.

Voting for the site’s premium members will close on 11/14/2023.  This contest is open for premier members to read and vote.  The winners will be announced after that.

It is a nice contest.  But All Hallows was probably going to be written regardless of the story-writing contest.

Where To Get Yours:

Right now there are two places to get your Halloween, Wizards, Druids, Goblins, Orc, and succubus reading fix!

The first is the truncated online story contest version.  It is a FULL story from start to a reasonable finish.  There was just more to tell of the story so I have continued writing, but more on that later.


a beautiful curvy goblin girl with green skin with rose
All Hallows – Beautiful Goblin Girl

The other place to currently get the story is your very own illustrated PDF version!  Linked below, the illustrated version resides on this site’s store.


Printed Books


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Two All Hallows – Illustrated Notes:

Two notes about the Illustrated version:

  1. The Illustrated version is a work in progress!  There are ongoing illustrated updates going into the PDF version in the store as I get the time.  If you picked up an older version, please let me know and I’ll email out the newer version.
  2. The story is currently growing!  Yes!  More chapters are coming soon!  More on that below!

Additional Chapters Expanding Into Road To The Wizard’s Tower:

Sunday and Monday night were both profoundly productive for updates to the All Hallows story!

Sunday and Sunday night saw an additional 7,760 words written, while Monday afternoon and night saw an additional 6832 words written into the story!


Wizard in his Tower Study
Wizard in his Tower Study

The day after the contest version concluded, our protagonist and sometimes antagonist amateur Wizard accidentally initiates a Faustian Bargain with someone’s father!

What could go wrong, right?”

This unfortunate road bump goes unseen and unnoticed.  That allows us to explore the whole hero’s journey from start to finish in the second half of the book which is under construction right now!  The chain of events from that decision concluded unexpectedly for our characters.

Full Book Version:

We will probably combine the Illustrated version into the expanded ‘Wizard’s Tower’ work, creating a new property.  I have never produced a book that includes illustrations before, so this is an interesting challenge!

At some point, I will probably make some coloring books that tell stories of their own, but that is a conversation for a different day!

Because of how I write, the last thing that I think about before sleep is what my brain works on for me while my eyes are closed.  Saturday night, the last thing that I worked on inside the pages of All Hallows was the outline of a conclusion.  While fussing and fiddling over the ending, I made it so far to the end of the hero’s career.  Then while outlining I sort of hit the wall on that.

I woke up Sunday morning after struggling with the ending and have two new full chapters in place to tell the story and ultimately end with our Faustian Bargain addressed!

14,592 Words Later:

After two days of brain-smashing effort writing, I produced 14,592 words in the two chapters concluding the ‘Wizard’s Tower’ half of the story!

All of the dangly bits left at the abrupt conclusion of the SoL submission are addressed, and the adventure continues with plenty of blood & guts, seduction & torment, mayhem & madness!  It is not an overly clever ending, that leaves you dissatisfied with overwrought contortions.

But it is appropriate to close, and I sincerely think that you will be pleased with the results!

Other Stuff:

If you would like to check out other similar work, we have some A.U. Link Books On Amazon.  The closest related work is probably ‘Taming the Ice Queen‘ because of the elemental psychic powers.  Or you could try ‘Claiming the Immortal‘ because that one involves good old-fashioned vampire overlords.

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