Learning Spanish Series

Learning Self-Taught Spanish Series

This Self-Taught Spanish series is derived from my own study guides and the result of my own efforts.

My little Colombian wife refuses to teach me Spanish. She will not teach me until her little perfectionist drive is satisfied with her own 100% fluency in English. I have been teaching myself for years, making my own notes and remembering my favorite phrases.

Self-Taught Spanish

I have finally started organizing my self-taught Spanish work and since I’m writing them down anyway, I might as well share the knowledge and learning!  We will throw them up on Amazon and have different options available on the individual book pages as they publish.

The best way for me to learn is to have fun while doing it. Making that emotional connection with the material is important.

Spanish Audio Books:

The big boon from this series is the plan to turn all these books directly into audio files so I can listen while driving and sleeping.  Please look out for those in particular!

The Self-Taught Spanish Series:

Spanish 777 Common Phrases

This ‘Common Phrases’ book is designed to create familiarity with what I will hear most frequently.  This starts with the simplest phrases like ‘Hello, how are you’ and steadily becomes more complex.

Spanish Food & Restaurants

The ‘Food & Restaurants’ is intended to organize the words and phrases used on restaurant menus, bars, and at home.  We won’t last long without food, so it is a good idea to get this sorted out pretty quickly.

Spanish Fun Pickup Lines

Spanish Pick-Up Lines is tested and approved, almost guaranteed to get a laugh, or you’re not doing it right.  The emotional connection of confidence & humor helps, so this is meant to be fun.  Not to help you find your next ex-wife.

Spanish Getting Around Town

Getting Around Town is the ‘left’s, ‘right’s, ‘uphill’, and ‘downtown’ type descriptions.  The goal is to get from the airport to the hotel, to the beach, and back again without pulling out the phone for directions!

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