Pain & Rage (1 of 3)

This is taking entirely too long to even start.

The way the things have been going as it’s standard ups and downs. Then every once in a while those big bombs go off in your life that make a mess out of things.

The best things cannot be purchased

We had one of those really good Sunday afternoons. The water in the pool is frigid. The sky was a perfect blue. The homemade nachos and blimeys made up for the cold.

The best things in life cannot be purchased.

A little bit of maintenance

My parents had some maintenance being done on their home. Tuesday following a family get together, my mother went in to talk to my dad and asked some silly question about what they would order for lunch. She went outside at 10:40 in the morning to rake leaves. The painters finished and we’re wrapping up, and spoke to my dad between 12:15 and 12:30 and told him how the child was going.

When they began to step outside after cleaning their brushes it was no later than 12:45. My mother was in the house, called out to my dad and asked if he had decided what he wanted to order for lunch.

He failed to respond.

When she went into his office my dad was slumped over in his chair leaning heavily to one side, unmoving, and unresponsive.

I received a call at 1:05 p.m. from my normally on flappable mother.

She could not finish a sentence.

I had my family in the car and on the road to her house by 1:10…

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