Hello, I’m Doug, and I’m an Audible Addict…

The Audible trend in my life is pronounced and probably inexorable.

A good new Audible book every month is like Christmas at the end of every month. I seem to be grabbing Audible books with the alacrity of an opium addict rushing towards a fix. (Not that I have ever been addicted to anything, it’s not in my personality.) I’m mystified by the craving to grab the next one as soon as my Audible credit arrives.

My current is Craig Alanson’s SpecOps. It’s full of dark military humor and situations. I find myself laughing out loud while driving and listening to the series. Not to mention the riveting plot.

Most of the time I have trouble finding time to sit still and read.

The whole prospect of creating Audible books is fascinating to me. It is extremely high on the list of priorities for coming releases. The Audible books do cost a lot to produce in both time and money. The eBook and hard copy books are things I have released in the past. The Audible process is completely new.

There are a lot of things that need learning and mastery before the Audible project is ready to launch to the public. For now, the Audible project my own books is very important, if intimidating.

By the way, if you haven’t already, when you get a chance please check out the work on the new website: https://douglasfranklinbooks.com/homepage.  It is under construction and still needs a lot of work, but comments about the layout and content are appreciated.

Doug F

Dad. Little green Army guy. Over-thinker. All I want out of life is an honest week's pay for an honest day's work!

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