Fafner’s Gold

Many seek the rewards, fewer are willing to face the beast, and fewer still are prepared to face the curse that accompanies the hoard they pretend to desire.

My workout music is a little intense, but here is Fafner’s Gold… (https://youtu.be/3EloXyqtnqs) Be hard or your ears might bleed…

Fafner’s legend is a tale of greed, jealousy, betrayal, vengeance, undaunted courage, and heroism. Sigurd was sent to kill the mighty dragon Fafner by Regin, with promise that for the deed he could keep the dragon’s gold. Regin did not tell Sigurd that Fafner was Regin’s brother. Regin was jealous and coveted Fafner’s gold. Odin offered some advice to Sigurd along the way saving his life in the fight. Odin and Sigurd also discussed the curse on the dragon’s gold that no matter the outcome Sigurd was cursed by the gold, because others would attack him the same as he was attacking Fafner. Sigurd told Odin that he would face his fate with honor and courage. Sigurd stabbed Fafner in the heart killing the dragon, while dying Sigurd and the dragon talked and both figured out that Regin sent Sigurd to murder his brother because he lacked courage to do the deed himself. Lots of people want to cheat and steal things they haven’t earned at little cost to themselves.

The dragon is the hard work no one wants to do, and the gold is the rewards after the hard work that everyone covets from their comfy arm chairs, and barstools. The coveted BJJ reward is the black belt, while no one wants to get smashed and demolished by larger, stronger and more skilled opponents for 10+ years. The coveted business reward is the stacks of cash, thriving business, and big house, the dragon is the 18-22 hour days that feed the years of work and humiliating grinding poverty & suffering that come with starting a business. The coveted relationship reward is the beautiful spouse with loving family, ask yourself how often that happens with the divorce rate so high.

Dan Pena (https://www.youtube.com/user/GuthrieGroup) is a no BS speaker who melts most people’s brains, because the truth hurts those on the wrong side of the truth. The ‘Paid Price to Action’ is required, though the video quality isn’t great (https://youtu.be/2UFc-WNqdwY) the message is clear. “There is a steep price to pay for everything in business.” You need to be ready to pay the price for what you want. I know I want, and what I need to give up: sleep, friends, TV, time with family, and much more costly things.

It is hard looking at myself, seeing the failures in their ugliness, and knowing I could do better. If you want Fafner’s Gold, you need to face and defeat that dragon, but the fight doesn’t end there the greedy and covetous will come after you every day. The curse is that it is a never ending fight.

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