I Can’t Even Cut The Cheese Today…

What happens when you have a bad day?

I woke up feeling nauseous and sore. Since it’s that wonderful balmy time of year, flu season, I groaned.

There have been couple of really good days this week, so the turn of today is a little bit irritating. There were things on the list that I wanted to get done. Instead I have to settle for muddling through.

After the broken knife tang sliced past my hand, I took a break. You can’t let setbacks drag you down. You need to step back, think and refocus.

  1. Keep a list, it gets stray thoughts out of your head and decreases stress.
  2. Don’t get frustrated or angry, that just compounds problems.
  3. Little steps, keep the progress and momentum going with the little steps.
  4. Drink your water, virus suck and it helps to keep your body healthy.
  5. Anger happens, recenter quickly and move on.
  6. Make plans, then list them out for productive times.
  7. Step back and breathe, use the BJJ lessons to ease frustration.

Now I have written it down, I can come back and review this when needed.

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