A New Day

Good morning,

It is a new day for Douglas Franklin.

We are starting this blog to combine and collate thoughts on various projects relating to my literary addiction.

The plan is to post about once a week. That will probably be insufficient; I consistently tell people that we need to ‘aim for the moon, because even if we fall short we’ll still be among the stars.’ That works great for business goals!

The corollary to that is that while you are among the stars, if you fall short, you will begin sucking vacuum.

In the new year, we will re-release existing fiction and begin to work on relevant business biographies about people who have profoundly affected my life and taught me valuable lessons. The goal is to publish at least one new work per month.

See you on the high ground.

By the way, when you get a chance please check out the work on the new website: https://douglasfranklinbooks.com/homepage

Doug F

Dad. Little green Army guy. Over-thinker. All I want out of life is an honest week's pay for an honest day's work!

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